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    Duplicating a movieclip...


      i'm tryng to copy a mc into an already existing movieclip, the already existing mc = mc_ThumbNails.mc_ThPic01 [created on stage], the mc I want to copy into this is aP[0][6], tried the code below, and also a straight assignment [which is //comment// now below].
      Who can help me?


      // this.mc_ThumbNails.mc_ThPic01 = aP[0][6] ;
      this.mc_ThumbNails.mc_ThPic01.clear () ;
      this.mc_ThumbNails.mc_ThPic01 = aP[0][6].duplicateMovieClip ("mc_ThPic01", this.mc_ThumbNails.getNextHighestDepth() ) ;