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    RAM preview audio


      So I have the latest version as you can see here:Näyttökuva 2015-11-14 kello 19.42.08.png


      I just want to make short video for school project, but apparently it can't handle a mp3 song that lasts 2 minutes 12 seconds. I just import the song and put it on timeline, NOTHING else. So when I preview it, I can see this happening on the right upper corner:


      First it's like: first.png


      And then: second.png


      And finally: third.png


      Then at some point in the middle of the song, it just goes back to the beginning and starts playing again. That RAM thing just doesn't make any sense. If AE can't handle a short song then how it can handle pictures and effects that will go with the song? Also, using real time is pretty important when making some kind of animation.

      I checked my Memory settings but it just doesn't make any sense, here's the screenshot: Näyttökuva 2015-11-14 kello 19.54.15.png


      I remember making 5 minute videos on Windows Movie Maker on a crappy PC and it didn't have any problems......

      Please help, my school project is in jeopardy because of this.

      I have Mac OS X Yosemite.


      And yes, I tested AE with ALL other applications CLOSED but still had this problem.

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          TiatheGothicOtaku Level 1

          Nope, problem still persists. Also notice; It says using xxxx of 4496 RAM. In my settings it can use RAM up to 6GB....

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you want to preview the entire two minutes then you should set your Composition Panel Zoom factor to 50% and set the Comp Panel Resolution to Auto. This will give you the highest quality preview possible at a 50% zoom factor. If you still can't get the entire two minutes to preview try setting the Zoom factor to 25% or change the Resolution to 1/4. If that does not work then set the Ram Preview to skip a frame.


            That's just the way that AE works. There is no real time preview engine yet. Each frame must be cached into RAM. Just in case you are interested here's why. AE works with completely uncompressed pixels and the values in each layer are combined to create the new image. This new, very big image is cached into RAM. This makes the data rate very high and limits the length of the ram preview based on the available ram. The only way you can get longer previews is to cache lower resolution frames. Until the engineers at Adobe finish rewriting the rendering and playback engine completely we are stuck with the preview time being limited to the available frames. To be perfectly honest this should not prevent you from working efficiently and producing longer videos. My standard workflow on almost every project is to set up anything that is animated first and do a "pencil test" or low rez draft quality preview of the motion to make sure things work the way I want them to. From this point on I'm pretty much done with ram previews that are more than a second or two. Then I start adding the compositing, color correction, effects and I check a few spots in the comp at half rez. Then critical frames are checked and carefully examined at full resolution. I don't bother with a ram preview because I already know the timing is perfect. Then the project is sent to the Adobe Media Encoder to render in the background while I start on another shot.


            Here's another workflow suggestion. AE is primarily designed to create shots and short sequences. Most shots in most of my productions are cut to 6 seconds or less. Occasionally I'll have a 10 or 15 second shot, and on rare occasions there may be one shot that is 30 seconds or more. This means most of my AE comps are about 6 seconds long. Occasionally I'll create a sequence of 3 or 4 shots. If I'm doing a kinetic type animation (lyric video) I'll put no more than a couple of sentences in a sequence because I almost always want to recut and prefect the timing in a NLE. I'm not sure what your 2 minute video is about but if it's made of 20 or 30 shots I would never try and edit it in AE. I would build the effects that are needed in individual shots, give the comps a few frames at the head and tail, called handles by most folks, then cut the piece in Premiere Pro or whatever NLE I was using at the time. This sounds like more work, but it is a far more efficient way to work and projects will get done in a lot less time.

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              TiatheGothicOtaku Level 1

              I tried that Composition Panel Zoom factor to 50% and Comp Panel Resolution to Auto but didn't work. I'm just going to draw some pictures with flash/illustrator/photoshop and then use effects to make it cool, I just want to show that you can make awesome animation without actual animation...hard to explain, but it's just the one short song, pictures and effects. I did make some progress, as you can see from this picture:

              Näyttökuva 2015-11-15 kello 14.29.44.png

              I set the Preview Favors to Lenght and the 42 of 4496 RAM just stayed like that with only the song playing. So it played the song to the end normally, PROGRESS! But I'm still wondering why it doesn't use more RAM, it can use it up to 6GB.....

              Well, if I encounter more problems with my RAM issue, I will return here. I think vector graphics aren't large files usually and I will try to keep the photoshop images to minimum....