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    image vanishing and unwanted redirecting to adobe.com


      I made this logo animation that blurs when hoover-in and goes back to normal in hoover-out.. it works fine but if I click on it it opens Adobe.com, and then the entire image vanishes into limbo.

      I made sure to remove all click actions, I also did try to change the pointer settings, scrub on and off...I did try adding an on-click link action to a new browser tab which resulted in opening the new tab yet the original turns into adobe.com. Also I did try to add on-click action link to self, but it made a mess... in all cases clicking in the image, regardless of having whatsoever pointer change results on image vanished, gone, kaput!. any ideas? help? http://fountopen.org/index.html here is a link to the logo, if you click it it will vanish...