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    How can I print a 5x7 greeting card from InDesign?


      I have been attempting to print a 5x7 greeting card from InDesign. I built the card in InDesign with a landscape orientation and a half inch (6 pica) margin all round with a photo centered on the right hand side. When I print the the photo is reduced by about 25% and then placed directly against the upper left edge of the card  with the center of the image about half an inch to the left of the fold in the card. I am aware that InDesign's print algorithm usually works poorly if at all and has had this problem for many years. My workaround has always to convert the InDesign file to Acrobat before printing however in this case I get the same result. Since 5x7 blank card stock is sold by Amazon, Staples and others there must be a market for them and if there is someone must have figured out how to print a card on them. Has anyone out there had any success with this?