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    OS X EL Capitan incompatibilities with Photoshop CS6


      I recently upgraded my iMac operating system to the new release OS X EL Capitan and I have been experiencing numerous issues with this system when attempting to edit images and save them to various areas on my external hard-drives or to my main drive. I get black screens throughout the saving process of my documents,and also my pop up screen when using "save as" no longer allows my pathway to appear. I previously would follow this route >save as> documents> desktop and save my .jpeg file to my desktop as I was working on images and then later would upload all when finished to my website client galleries. Now the options I receive when trying to "save as" are only back to the original folder which my .CR2 files are contained in on my external hard-drive.  Photoshop crashed twice a day after installing this operating system when ever I attempt to batch edit or use any automated actions in editing images. Photoshop freezes and I get the spinning beach-ball regularly when attempting to do edits. I was hoping there would be upgrades to the operating system to fix these issues but I am frustrated on a daily basis when trying to do my editing of images! If anyone has any input to this issue I would greatly appreciate any and all information. I purchased CS6 Masters Collection a few years ago and then Adobe came out with CC and I refuse to purchase a monthly subscription for something I already paid thousands for practically the same thing. I personally prefer to buy something and own it outright as opposed to a lease option especially when we are speaking of computer software.