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    Adjustment brush mask pastes development settings incorrectly to other photos - Lightroom bug help needed


      When I paste my development settings from one photo to another, the adjustment brush mask is wrong on multiple photos.  The mask changes shape from photo to photo.


      Here's a screen capture video demonstrating the problem. Link: Screen capture of lightroom bug with pasting dev settings - YouTube


      I made my edits to one DNG and pasted the development settings to 690 other photos from a 6 hour time lapse photoshoot.


      The mask changing shape from photo to photo occurs whether I paste to just one photo or all 690 at once. I tried starting over by deleting all the DNGs out of the library.  I made the edits again completely from scratch... remasking from the start.  The problem still happened pasting to one photo or multiple at once.


      Lightroom 5.7

      Windows 7 SP1 64 bit

      Intel Core i7

      24 GB RAM


      Please help!  I've lost hours and hours editing trying to figure this out.


      Thanks in advance.