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    Why do my pictures in Lightroom CC appear as gray shells in Library Tab,  but display correctly in Develop Tab?

    kwikwitt2001 Level 1

      I upgraded my iMac and Macbook Pro to El Capitan yesterday. I use an external drive on my iMac to store my pictures and my Catalog. My girlfriend does the same thing on the Macbook.


      The Macbook works fine for her, no issues. The iMac would not display my pictures while in Library Tab of Lightroom, only shows gray squares with the file names, but displays them fine in the Develop Tab.


      So I hooked my external drive to the Macbook and I had the same result. So it must be specific to my files, and not the computer. Sadly I have no Catalog Backup. I thought my External drive was backing up in Time Machine but it was excluded.


      Same result in both the actual pictures on the external drive, and also when trying to view them in Collections. Any ideas? It may be a coincidence it happened the day I upgraded to El Capitan. Or maybe not? Thanks for any help