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    Lightroom CC keeps crashing


      LR keeps crashing. I can't get past creating a new catalogue.

      It happens right after "Get started by adding some of your photos" screen pops up when I close the 30-second video.

      It's quite frustrating since I need to continue a work at home due soon on LR, but right now, it's completely useless.

      Please help!

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          rpandita Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Shorleyf,


          Sorry for the Crashing issues of Lightroom.


          • Which version of LR are you using? i am assuming it is CC 2015.2.1
          • Mac or Windows, which OS version?
          • As soon as you open LR and see the Get started screen, hit the ESC key and then see if that does the trick.
          • If in case it does not help try updating graphics card drivers, from the manufacturers website.


          Let us know if it helps




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            shirleyf Level 1



            Oddly, it actually started working after I had plugged my USB key (which had catalogues). LR automatically launched and asked if I wanted to import the catalogues. I selected a catalogue, loaded it and it worked just fine! I'm using Windows 7 and my graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460.


            Thanks for your help!