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    I have blocked the entrance to "Photoshop and Lightroom"


      PC computer with Windows 7 operating system.

      As this forum is only in English, a language I do not speak, did the translation with Google. I apologize for the wrong expressions.

      I have blocked the entrance to "Photoshop and Lightroom" and I get a sign that says "Renew your subscription". The same was done in a timely manner, is contained in the records of my account "Adobe Store & APAC LATAM" both the renovation, such as charging by Adobe.

      I tried to enter the chat and I continuously displayed, for two weeks, which is closed, impossible to communicate by phone. The clock is ticking and I'm paying for a service that does not pay me Adobe and has blocked all the ways to contact and make a claim.

      Today, wanting to give a solution to the problem, I uninstalled PS and LT, while trying to download the program, "I upgraded my account," I made a new subscription, but I do not download programs. What can I do?