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    What is this 30-day free trial?


      I purchased LightRoom 5.0 almost two years ago. Now I have bought a new laptop and tried to install LightRoom, sounds normal right? Well, nothing makes sense to me right now.


      First, I had to download that toxic CreativeCloud first before installing LightRoom, which makes me very uncomfortable. But alright, as long as I get my LightRoom I'm fine with this little extra software on my laptop.


      Here comes the main problem, it says I am using a 30-day free trial for the LightRoom I just installed. I tried to find button to activate LightRoom using my purchased product key but in vail (if there is actually some button I can use for that purpose, please tell me!). So I clicked on PURCHASE in CreativeCloud and it popped out a web page for subscription.


      It's been a while since I last visited Adobe's website, so I was not catching up any change if there was one. Has Adobe changed the plan for all the software so that you can only subscribe its software instead of doing a one-time purchase? This greediness and everything I saw today really makes me angry. Photography is simply my avocation. Having paid for that LightRoom was already expensive for me, and I sure as hell don't have the money to subscribe to it and let Adobe suck money out of me every month.