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    Some imported files not showing in lightroom


      I converted a folder of CR2 raw files to DNG. I did not delete the CR2 files upon conversion.

      A number of those photos are now missing from the catalogue but still reside in the original disk location. If i try and reimport them LR says they are already imported.

      Prior to me discovering these image missing I exported a selection of DNG images from that folder to a new catalogue

      I made the following choices when exporting:-

      checked  Export Selected Photos Only

      unchecked Export negative files

      checked Build/Include Smart Previews

      checked Include available previews

      All of the images exported OK. However some of the exported images are now missing from the original LR catalogue.

      In Finder they are still in their original location however if I try and reimport them they show up in the Import as already imported so cannot get them back into the original catalogue.

      This has happened on another occasion where a file has gone missing in LR but not on the HDD. In that instance I have copied the file to an external drive, deleted it from the original drive including emptying the trash, then tried to reimport it with the same outcome-  i.e. LR says the file is are lady imported.

      Any similar issues out there and if so have you come up with a solution on how to reimport images for this.

      Of course I have synchronised folders etc.