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    LR5 Catalog Backup Question. I hope I didn't mess up.

    flchris Level 1

      I got a new Mac computer in July 2014. On 7/24/14 I copied my photos to the new computer and have been using Lightroom 5 ever since with no problems. Or so I thought. I just happened to look back to a January 2014 photo and I noticed in the history that it only shows the import date of 7/24/14 but does not have any of the edits I've done to the file in the history. If I hit "Revert" on the photo, I get the original photo without the edits. I undid that so that I would have my final edited photo.


      I did a search on my computer for that photo and I do see the photo and xmp file are in the correct folder. I'm guessing I didn't copy the catalog over to my new computer when I transferred the photos? How do I get my backup catalog (yes, I do have a backup done August 2014!) merged into my current catalog? I don't want to erase anything that I've currently worked on.