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    please back support your products i have bought Lightroom

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      I have bought adobe Lightroom but the products don't work respond slowly if at all it is difficult to find adobe Lightroom import button until i have given up then just when i close it out of frustration there i can see the import button somewhere but it is too late ... this leads to so much frustration??  Please in future coordinate some kind of training part way through that involves Lynda.com and promote a working relationship so that for 30 days i could still see adobe if i act on asking for Training at Lynda.com   for now i see no coordination at all between adobe.com and Lynda.com and often times my programs come back all blackened out and with nothing in drop down menu(s) just like in the Trial but worse nothing to coordinate the start of a project if any and tutorials flat do not respond and if program materials are downloaded they do not run in to program effectively  they may be there but i cannot use them to apply and finish a tutorial the sophistication of these programs would be acceptable ... if you were children but from adults and professionals i will hope for better results than this.