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    Photos different colors in different programs.


      I have read a bunch of threads where similar questions are answered, but I'm not finding the answer to my exact situation after hours of searching, so posting a very detailed and graphic explanation of what exactly is happening to me.


      I upload my files to Lightroom, where they look absolutely fine.  Then I make changes to them, and import them into photoshop for final touches.  In photoshop and Lightroom they look absolutely fine.  Then I try to open them.  Sometimes they look ok, sometimes they don't.


      When I go to open the image to view it with the windows picture viewer, it looks fine for all of three seconds:



      Then, the file name loads at the top left, and the color changes, as so:



      If I click the pencil (edit) button, the color changes BACK to normal (I have not made any edits, just clicked the button.  When I click the "x" button to close, it goes back to green):




      Took the green image and then set it as my desktop background- looks normal:




      So I uploaded the photos to my google drive, and it looks normal again:




      Uploading to facebook looks normal:




      Then I try to upload to my photo lab to make prints and it looks screwed up again:




      And I know it's not just weird looking on that website, because here's another copy of the image that wasn't edited at all in Lightroom.




      This is all on the same exact monitor with the same exact file within minutes.  The file looks fine and then it puts a weird layer over it in certain programs, so the file IS fine, something is just putting that layer on it in certain media and I have no idea what.  It's driving me insane.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          Thanks for your detailed post.

          • Have you color calibrated your monitor?
          • Is your graphics Card up to date
          • Open Lightroom go to Edit-Preferences-performance
          • Then uncheck "use graphics processor"
          • Check color profile selected in Photoshop- edit -color settings



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            lindseys59101201 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply! 


            My graphics card is up to date.


            I have printed this photo before, only with the watermark, and it appears the same way as it does on my monitor (or close enough, certainly not green) so it's not the monitor.


            I made the changes to lightroom and photoshop that you recommended and the photo still saves the same way (green in some programs, normal in others).  I reset everything (programs, computer) after making these changes.  Here is my test photo:

            Still looks completely normal as a background... side by side. 




            And this is the test image itself, straight from my computer to this forum and not screenshotted like the others.  The colors are normal.



            And for fun I decided to try on another photo upload print site, and the color is distorted again.



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              lindseys59101201 Level 1

              And just to be absolutely sure, I deleted every photo in lightroom, reimported everything with a blank slate with the new settings, did it AGAIN, and same results.