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    When importing images in the latest version of Lightroom CC why do all my images turn black so there is nothing to see?


      I have tried to import by different methods.  I have created an external file on my hard drive and put the RAW images in there and then asked Lightroom to import from there.  i have also simply asked Lightroom to import direct from the camera card.


      On both occasions I see the images come up on my screen but then one by one they are converted to a blacked out image with nothing there at all. 


      I have tried putting images into Development but that makes no difference, even by using the adjustment sliders.


      i have tried exporting the images from Lightroom into Photoshop CC.  There I get a very dark version of the image.  Whilst i suppose i could edit it, i have no idea what the image is before hand as i simply export a black image.


      This has only happened since i upgraded to the new version of Lightroom on CC.  Prior to that I had no problems whatsoever and had gone through the painstaking effort of crating a new catalogue for over 25,000 images...... this may be a very small number of images in real terms but to me it is a big thing.





      Les Cotterill