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    how to rename stacks consistently?


      Hi All,


      I have LR CC 2015 and I have to rename more than 9K raw files. This is not a problem, but some of them have been already edited in PS and so beside the DSCxxxx.raw file there is also the DSCxxxx-Edit.PSD file , stacked together. When I rename all of them what will occur? Only the .raw will be renamed or the .psd too? And how?


      I don't want a situation in which the raw file and psd are treated as single files and renamed progressively (1.raw + 2-edit.psd) because in 9K this would be a real huge mess!

      I don't want LR to rename raw files only because it would be a tragedy to rebuild the correct stacks.


      Any hint will be appreciated.





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          dj_paige Level 10

          Why is it necessary to rename at all?


          If you have "DSCxxxx.raw file there is also the DSCxxxx-Edit.PSD", isn't that a good setup?


          But if you must rename, I don't know what will happen, its easy enough for you to find out, take a stack of two images (better yet, two images that you don't care about, like that RAW photo of the inside of your refrigerator that you just took because I am giving you an example, and the associated PSD), and rename them and see what happens.