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    How can I find the folder with all my photos which disappeared after I backed up my catalog?

    fotofah3 Level 1

      I'm using Lightroom CC 2015.2.1 release on a MacBook Pro, running OS 10.11.1. I started a new catalog on an external hard drive when I started a trip Oct. 30. Today I had just ingested photos off a card, was at 2,018 photos total. I'd quit Lightroom, backing up the catalog as I did. When I later restarted Lightroom, none of my photos were showing up. I checked and on the volume (one of two on the physical hard drive), the folder which contained all my folders of ingested photos per day was missing. It was the *only* missing folder on that volume.


      Today was the day I was planning to backup that volume, but now, in something I've never encountered before, all of my photos are gone. (I hadn't created Smart Previews on this trip.)


      I've searched and searched and can't find that folder of photos or any of the photos which were contained it, though, of course, they're visible in Lightroom with ? or ! for the folders and individual photos. The folder is not on that volume, the other volume of the external drive or my boot drive inside my MacBook Pro. It simply disappeared.


      The Trash has nothing in it.


      Any thoughts on what might have happened to cause that folder to disappear or how I can recover it? (I haven't written anything to the hard drive since discovering the folder of photos is gone, in case there's some way to recover the folder.)