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    Wacom pressure working on Photoshop CC2015, but not with Lightroom CC2015.1.1 Windows 10

    Space coyote


      Pen pressure with my tablet Wacom Bamboo (CTH-470) works fine with Photoshop CC2015 (latest version) , but the adjustment brush doesn't react to pressure with Lightroom CC2015.1.1. on my Windows 10 system (64bits).

      A try on Mac (El Capitan) and a Wacom Intuos Pro with Lightroom CC 2015.2 gives the same symptoms

      I uninstalled completly the tablet and reinstalled it (after reboot), updated the Wacom driver to most recent one (5.3.5-3), even tried with version 5.7.1 of Lightroom , but no luck so far.
      Do you know whether this is a known bug with Lightroom CC2015 or Windows 10, if a workaround exist, or a fix is on the way ?

      Many thanks in advance for your help

      Best regards,