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    Could someone tell me how to make these animations ?


      Hey there all ! I play game called "Hearthstone", and there is a guy named Fulla, that makes custom cards for it, which are animated. I really want to know if somebody of you know of some sort of tutorial or something.


      Here is a compilation of those animations (skip to 0:35 for first animation):


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is nothing magic here. No automatic effects. It's just layers. I would not try and do more than a couple of shots in a single AE comp. Create a shot that is a card moving and changing into another card by layering, scaling or using 3D layers and a camera, and cutting between the various layers of artwork using a transition layer as the buffer. It's all really basic stuff. Once you get a bunch of shots created you render them and edit the renders in Premiere Pro. Trying to put together something like this 5 minute example inside AE as a single comp would be frustrating and IMHO nuts....


          To learn AE start here: Basic Workflow