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    Does Premiere Elements 12 have transitions and framing/paning editing problmes?


      I have am an occasional user of Adobe Premiere elements 12 to produce DVDs and other output generated from mostly images, but with some video.

      I like using the pan and zoom feature, and also use a few different transitions, sometimes adding a soundtrack.


      Starting a major project (for me) with images and video from at least 4 cameras.


      I can't seem to generate transitions shorter than one second. Is this normal? If not, how is it done? The slider will cheerfully show less than one second (as frames) but when looking at the transition later, it is back to 1 second. Going longer than one second seems to work just fine.


      I can't find an automatic way to expand images to fill the screen. The Pan and Zoom tool permits this, but manually. Is there an easier, more automatic way?


      After editing a clip or slide, the existing transitions get "confused" not picking up the new edit, or reverting all the way back to an unedited state. Is this normal? is there an editing sequence that will not confuse Adobe Premiere Elements 12?


      I am still not sure if my issues are operator problems, or software bugs, or software features.


      If these issues are real, and not operator problems, are they resolved in Premiere Elements 14, or in Premiere CC? If Premiere CC is the answer, how likely is it to overwhelm me?

      If the issues are likely operator induced, what are the fixes?



      Mark Johnson