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    Error reaching top level folder


      Please help ~


      This problem stems from the external hard drive having changed name to having a capital letter. Now I have the drive listed twice.

      I'm trying to resolve this by re-finding the top level folder on the drive as the community has suggested to other users. However, I cannot yet see the top level folder within Lightroom and Lightroom cannot access, or indeed import anything from this top level folder. I get this error message when trying to 'show parent folder'.


      Database "/Volumes/Lacie Archive/Lightroom/Everyday/Everyday.lrcat": UNIQUE constraint failed: AgLibraryFolder.rootFolder, AgLibraryFolder.pathFromRoot

        Statement: UPDATE AgLibraryFolder SET rootFolder = ?,pathFromRoot = ? WHERE id_local = ?; (error code 19)


      Imports from the top level folder never complete, with no error message. This means that I cannot end up having any photos in the top level folder, and so see the folder.


      Files within subfolders are all fine and accessible/importable.


      Assistance greatly appreciated.