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    copy row formatting to other rows in table like split cells

    shjaredarj Level 1

      Working in a table, some of my rows have split cells.  Is there a way to copy that formatting (the split cells) to other rows, via a style or just copy and paste?  It doesn't seem as if styles will work for this and when I copy and paste, it creates a separate table rather than just inserting new rows in the format, with split cells) that I need.


      For Example:

      Row 3: 3 columns

      Row 4:  5 columns

      Row 5:  3 columns

      Row 6:  3 columns

      Row 7:  3 columns


      So, I have already formatted row 4 to have additional columns and spaced them where I needed them.


      Say row 6 needed to have the same formatting as row 4.  What would be the easiest way to do this....over and over again ( I have multiple tables and rowsI will need to do this, so splitting each row separately would be time consuming, thus I'm looking for a smarter way!)