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    Opacity for eraser...


      Why are there no opacity setting for the eraser in Adobe Draw app ?

      If there was one, I would switch in an instant. But without it, I keep going back to my other apps.

      Any idea if there is an opacity for eraser coming in the future of the Draw app ?

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          floramc Adobe Community Professional



          that is great feedback - I am sure some of the staff members have an answer to this, and if not you just sent a great suggestion to bring to the developers!

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi 3eCheval


            As Flora mentioned, this is a great idea. It's not a request we get often, but I do know that it's a feature the team has discussed and is discussing. I will make sure they see your comments. There is a bit of a workaround you could try in the meantime... Since the artboard backgrounds in Draw are white, it works to some extent to create a white brush and set the opacity levels for that. It's not exactly the same thing, but it might work for your needs.


            Again, thanks for your suggestions. I'll pass them along.



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              3eCheval Level 1

              I have read about a couple of workaround, in here, and other places.

              But it is not what I need.

              And once you have worked with an app (mobile or desktop) that has that feature, there is no turning back.

              Digital medium have introduced us to unique features that natural medias don't have. And it opens up the possibilities. Why do without those unique features, such as opacity setting for eraser ? ;-)

              Of course, it is very easy for end users to ask, ask, ask away, not knowing how much work it entails upstream, and what kind of choices, dilemna developers are facing in keeping an app ligthweight, yet feature rich.


              Another complaint I have about Draw, and maybe I should post it seperaty, is not having any control over the exporting of it in my 'picture roll' or 'image folder' on the ipad. What is the resoluition of that jpeg that Adobe Draw allows me to do ? No other options are available to me as I am not in the Adobe Creative Cloud, or Behancé, etc. So all I am left with is save to my ipad image folder. But that 'save to' doesn't allow me any decisions about the size of my image, or it's dpi, pppi quality.

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                floramc Adobe Community Professional

                I think all you say is reasonable and worthy, important to share and you find me agreeing with you on some of your point. The resolution of your picture would be the one of your iPad screen.


                why don't you create a behance profile? After all it is for free

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                  3eCheval Level 1

                  I have just explored Adobe Sketch, and found out that the eraser in there has an opacity setting. I am now even more puzzled as to why Adobe Draw doesn't have it. Ah, the mysteries of life!

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                    floramc Adobe Community Professional

                    Well, two different apps answer to different needs, maybe you need to use both