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    Camera Raw Yellow Box on Blue Background


      I have just installed the trial version of Photoshop CC on my computer. I am attempting to open a NEF file from a D1X camera in Camera Raw, however, I only see a yellow box (in place of the image) on a blue background. Here is some helpful information...


      Windows 10, 64 bit

      Adobe Bridge CC Version x64

      Adobe Camera Raw Version

      In Bridge, the thumbnail of the NEF shows up fine, and an XMP is generated.

      If the XMP from my older version of Bridge had previously been processed in my older version of Camera Raw, the NEF file will open ok in the new version of Camera Raw, but it is set to Process 2003, ACR 4.4

      All other functions of Camera Raw appear to be operating on the image, as I see the histogram updating as I make changes. Yet it simply shows a yellow box instead of my image.

      This is what it looks like...


      Camera Raw.png

      Can anyone suggest how this problem might be remedied?