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    Unusably slow LR CC. Need advice on how to go back to LR 6

    mcable1981 Level 1

      Newly subscribed to CC for LR and Ps. I was super excited until only a few weeks in I can't even get a few photos uploaded in under several hours, let alone actually edit them! I've already unchecked the GPU option but that didn't help at all. I've read about just going back to the last version, but is uninstalling CC and installing LR 6 before the latest update my only option? If my last serial number is related to my purchase of LR 4 several years ago, can I still download LR 6? How is even worth it to be paying the monthly fee for a product I can't even use?! I really wish I had read the forums about the slow to unusable update before downloading it, but I'm on the hook for at least another 6 months of fees, so I want to make the best of it. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!