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    Premiere Elements 14 (Windows 7) cannot be opened anymore after crash (blue screen) even after re-boot and overall new installation


      Hi There! I recently purchased Premiere Elements 14 (“APE”). Installation went smootly, I made some first steps (beginner) and tried to work with a film which I shot. Suddenly the PC crashed (blue screen). Subsequently APE could not be opened again. I did a de-installation and re-installation. Then APE opened once but then could not be closed any more and needed to be closed with task manager. Then again it as not possible to open APE again, even after re-start of the PC. I then again de- and re-installed APE (removing also the presets by checking the respective box and using also another hard drive). Once I got an error message upon re-installation reading as follows:


      „Files\Adobe\Installers\adobeTemp\{62AC3C71-0C61-4077-8584-9C1F06596F76}\_698_49148471a98b 8aedb8b794aea6612043" to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Elements 14 Organizer\\sync_util.dll" Error 32 Der Prozess kann nicht auf die Datei zugreifen, da sie von einem anderen Prozess verwendet wird.. Try setting correct permissions to the specified file/folder or parent folder, so that admin has rights to modify it.(Seq 80


      System Requirements




      However, the next subsequent installation succeeded, no error message popped up upon installation. Nevertheless, APE, once open does not close any more. Closed with the task manager it then cannot be re-opened even after re-boot of the system. I have no further ideas

      Here are more details regarding my system: Windows 7 professional, PC (Intel Xeon 1245v3); RM: 16 GB; graphics: HIS HD 7750 iCooler GDDR5 1024MB DP/DVI/HDMI

      I saw there are many other users having similar troubles and I will revert to the dealer and probably send back the software if there is no solution to this problem…