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    Touchup objects does not work with all my PDF's in PRO


      Hello, I have three scanners at home, 2 flat beds and one fujitsu snapscan Feeder, all working great.

      I have black and white scanned A4 pdf's of several sources, of which some are editable, and 100% of the ones I scan at home, are not.

      What I mean is when I open a downloaded scanned A4 text with a small image beside the text, I could easily choose the Touchup button,

      click on image or paragraph, and with keyboard arrows, move it left or right , up and down, or change its location.

      On my scanned pdf's, when I choose Touchup button and click anywhere on the page, it becomes all blue, and selects the whole page. (whilst I can still edit the whole page as one image, enlarge it, move it)

      I tried the three scanners with different software to no avail.

      I have spent one week searching and trying.

      Some say it needs to be vector, and touchup with illustrator, but this does not look to be the case, since I can Touchup downloaded pdf's of the same document I am scanning, not mine

      I am scanning with OCR and some here on the forum say that it is the OCR.

      When I open the same document I am trying to scan, from the web, I click on properties-text and see that there is one font

      When I open the same document I scan at home, and check the TEXT in properties, there are plenty.

      I am really lost, and it is work I am trying to accomplish.

      any help will be much appreciated