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    Extension Manager CS6 has install greyed out since updating CC

    cf demof46354736

      I have several versions of Creative Suite (CS5.5 & CS6) and Creative Cloud (CC, CC2014 & CC2015) applications as I support many end users across multiple customers as part of our Adobe Solutions Partner company.


      Since updating my Creative Cloud applications to CC2015 my extension manager for CS6 has stopped operating correctly. It will start but wont let me install any extensions with the button greyed out.


      Extension Manager CC is working as expected.


      I ran the latest update to EM CS6_0_8 an an upgrade but this has not resolved it.


      Is there a way to run both on one machine. I need to test a new zxp extension from a vendor and it supports both CC and CS6 but I cannot get the CS6 version to install.



      Andrew Lomas

      Creative Folks - Adobe Solutions Partner