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    AE puts PS layers in wrong position (2D Animation) big problem!




      I have a big problem and I am begging for help


      I have made a 2D animation with after effects CS5 using photoshop drawings to import the layers and animate it.

      I have been able to save the project in AE multiple times to work with it again. After a few days I opened the AE file again, and all the layers that are animated are in the wrong position:




      While the actual position of the animation should be like this:




      After Effects moved all the objects? Everything looks zoomed out and it is definitely out of place. I do not understand what is wrong, and if I saved something wrong, but all the layers are in the wrong position after I opened the project. I don't know how to solve this problem and haven't found the solutions on Google yet either. I really hope someone can help!