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    movie clip buttons

    wuzhishan Level 1
      I have a navigation menu with movie clip bottons. When each botton gets release, it will get a popup widow in a labeled frame on the root level. The buttons work fine. My question is how do I make the popup window stays when a next button gets roll over and disappears when this next button get release, so the popup window associated with this button will appear. Now the popup window disappears when the next botton gets roll over. The following is the actionscript code:
      on (rollOver) {
      gotoAndStop (2);
      _parent.gotoAndStop ("BP_ov");

      on (rollout) {
      gotoAndStop (1);

      on (release) {

      if (_parent.btn_PI._currentFrame == "3") {
      if (_parent.btn_JB._currentFrame == "3") {
      if (_parent.btn_DCWASA._currentFrame == "3") {
      if (_parent.btn_BPSA._currentFrame == "3") {
      if (_parent.btn_BPSADC._currentFrame == "3") {

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          I can't tell where the popups come into play in your code, so I can't answer for them as yet. Unless _currentFrame is some variable you've defined for those button mc's, the correct syntax is "_currentframe", no capped F. And _currentframe return a Number type, so you shouldn't be quoting the values.