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    Neck is cutting through necklace

    arashmaz Level 1

      I've edited one of the puppet templates in illustrator and everything works fine.


      One of the things I'm struggling with is getting a necklace/ID badge on a lanyard dangle working correctly.


      It dangles fine, but I can't seem to figure how to position it so the neck doesn't cut through it if you move your head left or right or if you lean left or right.


      I've attached a screen to illustrate it.


      At the moment I have the neck layer above the necklace layer.


      I also noticed gradients don't work in character animator either.


      ThanksScreen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.31.01.png

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          If you can make the neck a little longer to obscure more of the necklace, maybe that can help. If you can't modify the artwork, you could try to add Fixed handles on the necklace near the neck to fix that part to not overlap the neck. Also, make sure you've set the Rest Pose to make sure you're seeing it positioned correctly. If that still doesn't solve the issue, and you're willing for us to check out your artwork file, feel free to send it to us via shared (Dropbox, Creative Cloud Files, etc.) link. You can send the link via direct message to me if preferred.


          Regarding gradients... there are a few features in Illustrator files that we can't support natively as vectored artwork at this time. To work around this issue for now, you can render the artwork by using the Render As Image option. Do the following:

          1. Open the puppet in the Puppet panel.
          2. In the left sidebar (layers list), find a skin layer (with a square icon), and select it.
          3. In the Properties panel, enable the Render As Image option.


          This allows gradients and other features to appear, but the Wiggler behavior will not affect the result and the artwork will look pixelated when magnified more than 200%.


          Hope this info helps.

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            arashmaz Level 1

            Hi Jeff


            Thanks for the reply.


            I can edit the artwork still. But I'll try the fixed handles her the neck to try and stop overlap and let you know how I get on.

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              arashmaz Level 1

              Hi Jeff


              I added the necklace layer into the neck layer and added two fixed anchor points in the artwork.


              Then when recording the scene I made sure the scale on the head was turned off.


              It worked pretty well, the only exception occurred when you excessively bent your neck, but you wouldn't naturally bend your neck that much anyway.


              So it was a good work around.

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                Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                Glad to hear.