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    audio speeds up in the video


      I down load the video and audio together and do not separate them

      I typically edit (cut) some of the beginning of the video and audio.

      the audio and video are together at the beginning of the project and about half into the video the audio is ahead of the video just by a blink

      What is happening

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Open a sample of your video in G Spot or Media Info and (free downloads) and post to this forum the resolution, frame rate and audio and video codecs that are listed.

          GSpot Codec Information Appliance


          Also, how long is your video clip? What model of camcorder is your video coming from and how did you get your video from your camcorder to your computer?


          Which version of the program are you using and on what operating system?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements, what computer operating system?


            Please clarify - are you importing a file with video and audio components or are you importing two files, one all video and one all audio and then placing them on Video 1 Audio 1 one above the other unlinked?


            Whatever the case, what are the properties of what you are importing to the project's Timeline, and what project preset has been set to match the properties of the source media? Brand/model/settings of the camera that recorded the video audio may give us the information that we seek.


            Please consider, and give details. Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


            Thank you.



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              jimm54386200 Level 1

              Steve and A.T.

              I am using an iPad air2 and Pyle wireless mic with the adapters needed to go from the receiver to the iPad.

              i Am using premier elements 14, down loading to my computer into my photos and then downloaded into the pm14 add media and then placed in to the project.

              MY computer is a Dell Inspiron 5000, windows 10, 2.20 ghz cpu, 8 GB ram, 64 bit operating system.

              and thanks for the response



              I will download the program's above and send the video. You can see it on your tube Mcgolf custom clubs channel and it's the first two videos

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply.


                The first thought that comes is the high probability that your iPad is recording the video with a variable frame rate rather than a constant one.

                Premiere Elements (many versions) do not fare well with variable frame. The symptoms range from audio out of sync to not being able to import the video at all. The typical solution is to take your "variable frame rate video" into the free HandBrake program to obtain the H.264.mp4 with constant frame rate version to take into the Premiere Elements project.



                The one way to confirm the variable frame rate factor is to download and install the free MediaInfo video audio properties readout program and look for the number of frame rates in the video properties readout for your video....1, constant frame rate; 3, variable frame rate (minimum frame rate, frame rate, and maximum frame rate).


                I did not have time yet to watch more than 1 minute each of the YouTube examples since they were each over 9 minutes. I will watch them later today. But, I thought that I would get the above comments to you for your consideration.



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                  jimm54386200 Level 1

                  Best I can do Steve and AT. Newbie here but trying.


                  Great youtube on PE14

                  Thanks guys for the help

                  On the video, If you go to the halfway mark you can see the transition take place.

                  THanks Again




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                    jimm54386200 Level 1

                    I went back and looked at the original video downloaded from IPAD.


                    The video is correct and the audio does not lag.


                    It becomes an issue when loaded in the program

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the reply.

                      I cannot determine all the details of the your GSpot readout. The resolution is not good for reading even after bringing up the higher resolution image post.

                      However, on this one, GSpot is not the place you want to be. You need a MediaInfo video properties readout which will rule in or out that the video was recorded with a variable rather than a constant frame rate. If variable frame rate, you see the consequences only after import of the iPad video to the Timeline, independent on how it is acting on any other software.

                      MediaInfo download | SourceForge.net

                      Please refer back to my comments in post 4. And, reminder, you want to be in the View Menu/Tree View of Media Info to look for number of frame rates listed - 3 frame rates is going to tell you "variable frame rate".


                      Please consider.



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                        jimm54386200 Level 1


                        The frame rate is 29.9 FPS at 1080P

                        What do we do now



                        Screenshot 2015-11-18 20.46.05.png

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                          jimm54386200 Level 1

                          I finally read the entire message (duh)

                          Got it into tree and the frame rate is variable.

                          This sucks completely is the transition to the handbrake program take quite a long time.

                          Is this a typically problem with apple products, is variable frame rate good? and can I change it to something fixed when recording videos?

                          THanks for the help



                          Screenshot 2015-11-18 21.01.37.png

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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for the results.


                            There are more devices than Apple's recording with the variable frame rates, example, a lot of those screen capture programs.

                            Although the video with the variable frame may playback OK in some players, Premiere Elements (video editor) has problems with this type of video...problems from out of sync audio to not being able to export the video at all.


                            Sometimes I work with video from an iPod Touch 4th generation which records with a variable frame rate, and have not run into this problem - yet. On the other hand, many have.


                            The key - if you have tried Handbrake for the conversion to the H.264.mp4 with constant frame rate for import into the Premiere Elements project, are your Premiere Elements problems gone?


                            HandBrake usually the conversion quicker than most and does offer batch encoding.


                            Please consider and update us on further developments as your schedule permits.






                            Add On...if Premiere Elements editing, please try to record with constant frame rate...can also affect other video editors.

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                              jimm54386200 Level 1


                              i Did use hand brake and it rendered the video in a quick time. I did end up with a new background noise as a result but it was easily removed with the blue noise remover/ reducer in the effects section.

                              the video looks so much better when it does not  have that class B Godzilla film vibe.


                              one question about hand brake and median, I downloaded both and both seem to work well., when using both programs macafee caught additional program trying load in the back. I stopped them and the original programs are still running as far as i can tell. is this a good thing?


                              again thanks for the help


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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Thanks for the follow up. Most of the important 3rd party software these days travels with unwanted baggage, and one has to be careful with the downloading and installing choices to avoid this type of intrusion. So far I have not found a problem with HandBrake in this regard. MediaInfo is another matter. I had to download and install that recently for another computer and had no problems with the unwanted baggage with the link that I suggested that you use. But, MediaInfo has a history for this type of problem.


                                But, whatever program I download and install, I always check the Control Panel Installed Programs to determine if there are any unwanted additions to that list, and I depend on the antivirus, spyware, and firewalls to take care of the computer. So far so good.


                                Please consider.


                                Thank you.



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                                  jimm54386200 Level 1


                                  Thanks for the support it is certainly appreciated. I ran a few videos through handbrake.

                                  It did not take very long for the correction.

                                  However on the video in question it did sync up the video to the end of the video in PE14 but at the cost id chopping the video.

                                  Now the beginning of the video "skips"  in a few sections while the video continues, The audio and video are together after the "skips"

                                  Is this typical?


                                  PS I will try a few more to ensure the first video was not a fluke

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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Thanks for the reply.


                                    I would not have expected any chopping of the video in HandBrake. I have not seen or had reports of that.


                                    When you do the HandBrake workflow based on your details for the original...

                                    a. The Picture Tab options...leave as it

                                    b. The Video Tab options....important, set the Frame Rate = 29.97 (do not use Same As Source), and make sure that you have dotted the Constant option.

                                    Also, assure that the VIdeo Codec = H.264 (x264).

                                    Don't do any more than that. Then hit the Start button to begin the export.


                                    Please consider. We will be watching for your progress as your time permits.


                                    Thank you.



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                                      jimm54386200 Level 1


                                      i set the handbrake to the specs you gave and it came out fine. Now we both know what will happen to the video part if it is not set correctly.

                                      I came across some audio gear in an auction and now have an audio technica pro 88w/t wireless micro in the audio arsenel Along with a mixing board and some regular and condenser micro phones. The wire less unit with a low moc works pretty good for my needs, now I need figure out how to use the over stuff.


                                      again thank you very much for the help, the video is now of a higher quality giving it a better than amateur appearance .

                                      thanks again.


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                                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                                        Great follow up news. Great job.


                                        Best wishes with your planned workflows. If your schedule permits, please update us on your progress. Sounding good.