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    On generating Webhelp in Robohelp 10 the Content, Index and Search tabs are not functioning



      We have been producing a User Guide for some 2 years on Robhelp 10. The last time we needed to update the User Guide and generate Webhelp was in Jul 15.

        After making some changes to day we generated the Webhelp by:


      • Having saved the changes to the project we
      • Selected the Generate action under the Webhelp (Primary Output) option in the Single Source Layout
      • In the popup, we selected the action Generate and Save
      • The system ran through the generate process at the end presented the option to View Results
      • We selected View Results and the Webhelp was displayed in IE11

         In the top left corner are the Tabs:

      • Content – This was blank when we expected it to be populated
      • Index – Again blank when we expect text and an input box
      • Search - Presented the text and input box but would not return any results when we input a search word or phrase.


      Pictorial examples below.



      Does anybody have any idea what might have changed or why this is occurring?