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    Free Lightroom Mobile App and LR Desktop Sync: - Trial Expired - Do I need CC?


      Hi all,

      Lightroom 5 installed on Windows 10 (not CC)

      Lightroom Mobile on iPad and Android

      I am not currently subscribed to CC.


      I'm confused and need a simple question answered: Do I need a CC license for syncing?


      With the recent announcement that Lightroom Mobile is free on Android and iPad, I've adapted my workflow to use LR Mobile to make image selections for editing later, e.g. I go through images, pick the best and then edit them on the desktop using Lightroom 5 (Windows). It's easy to go through a large amount of images when it suits me and I've successfully set up collections, synced them with LR mobile and made my selections - it worked perfectly.


      Now I've received the message on iPad / Android that my trial has expired and I need a CC license. Is this correct?