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    social media usage of adobe stock images


      I was wondering what my limitations are for using stock photo's on facebook. In this document I read i can use the stock images for social media if they are labeled "social media enabled works" (3.3). However, on the adobe stock site I can not find this information when browsing images.

      http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/legal/servicetou/Adobe_Stock_Terms_en_US-2 0150313_hpc.pdf


      Also I found here: Adobe Stock Help | Common Questions "Do I need to add a photo credit?" that I need to credit the author(?) when using images on social media?


      It is a bit confusing for me, anyone that can clear things up?

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          For real, this issue is beyond frustrating. Hello Adobe? Any answers?


          It's unrealistic to expect users to avoid using the image on social media. The § in their T&C is incredibly restrictive and if I can't get an answer, I'm cancelling my free trial and not renewing. To be able to use these images on social media would be an answered prayer because that is literally all I need images for because I do not have time to take my own all the time.

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            Digiart14 Level 1

            Hello Adobe Staff,


            Your EULA is not helpful in the matter of using Adobe Stock Content in Social Media.  EULA indicates the image must be designated as "Social Media Enabled Works".  Who designates this?  I  see no such designation on images in your library prior to download.  This leads me, and probably many to believe, that all images may be used in social media so long as we, the end user, indicate the image is social media enabled and follow size restrictions.  This brings me to the next question: Where do we find size restriction information?


            Any image used for websites, video and even print will inevitably end up on social media because that is the vehicle used to promote such content.


            Please provide better clarification, other than referring back to the inadequate EULA, with regards to social media use of Adobe Stock content.




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