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    Is it possible to stop a script at a Photoshop built in Dialog "box"?

    photogyulai Level 1

      Hi Commmunity!!


      When you run/build any script.

      With script listener im able to record a result of a dialog box setting.


      But is it possible, for example to stop the script at a dialog?!? (Like when you check the mark at photoshop action "toggle dialog")


      About Dialog im mean this. Photoshop bulit in dialogs. Levels, Saturation etc.:




      I know it is possible build own dialog boxes, but this one is more easier. When it is possible. (If you can do it with actions, maybe you can with script)?!?!

      So once again: the goal is to run a script... at certain point of the script stops and the dialog comes in, after you hit ok the script continues! 


      Thanks for any opinion, and/ or help!