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    Changing properties and/or text in a textbox based on a user inputting text into another textbox




      I am creating a form which will contain multiple line items depending on the nature of the project. The first row of cost information is of course mandatory but the following rows I would like to make mandatory and or populate another textbox value based on the user entering values into the first fill-able field in the row.



      Serivce/Asset DescriptionCurrencyGross Cost% Sales Tax/VAT



      So this is a portion of the form fields that I need to enter the code and I have put in a naming convention for ease of reference. So, what I would like to do is make cells B2/C2/D2 required based on the user entering any text into A2. Does the excel formula of CountA work in that instance if I apply a trim? Also, I am going to want to make B2 value be the same as B1 value upon user entering in the text into A2.


      I hope my question is clear. I would appreciate if someone can help me with this code.


      Thank you.