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    Acrobat Standard DC - append file name with "-signed" like Adobe Reader does after signing a document


      I have two problems I am trying to overcome with Acrobat Standard DC 2015.  This is installed a Win7 x64 machine in a domain environment. 


      • The first problem is when we digitally sign a document the file name does not get changed to include a "-signed" at the end of the file name like Adobe Reader did.  I have been unable to find a way to force this behavior.


      • The other problem I am having is when working in SharePoint and editing PDFs.  If I open a PDF from SharePoint with Acrobat Standard DC 2015, edit the document then go to save it Acrobat tries to save it in the last directory that a file was saved in.  It does not try to save it in the current working directory which creates a lot of work because of our paperless office.  Is there any way to make Acrobats default behavior to save in the current directory that you are working in? 


      The other potential solution to both of my problems would be to use Adobe Reader XI (from an archived installer).  That will allow us to have documents appended with "-signed" after they are digitally signed.  But I would still need to make it save in the current working directory since Reader also tries to save in the last directory you saved a file in and not the directory that you opened a file from.