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    Oracle Help in RH8, not working as it did before

    csheets@ecisolutions.com Level 1
      We're building Oracle Help in Robohelp & recently upgraded to RH8. When I delivered the files to our dev team, the files won't work. This is what our dev person wrote to me:

      When I try to load the Oracle Help I get the following error message:

      oracle.help.library.helpset.HelpSetParseException: Unknown error when parsing hs file: No toplevel tag in helpset file

      I looked at the helpset file and didn’t see anything different except the first line was changed

      from: <?xml version='1.0' ?>

      to: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

      I have no idea what this means or what I'm supposed to do. Obviously something changed in RH8 that affects the build but I have no idea what our dev team is supposed to do to make it work. Any suggestions?

      Thanks! Cindy