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    Problems with GPS tacking


      Hello folks,

      having a major problem with LR CC (GER) under Win10 Pro (GER) with GPS tacking:


      My workflow:


      I traveled from Germany to Malaysia and changed the timezone setting of my camera to Malaysia time.

      So I took all the picture under the correct local time.

      I also logged with my Germin Oregon device the GPS information in a GPX file.

      This means:

      • a morning picture has the timecode 8:00am Malaysia time (UTC +8:00 - NO Daylight Saving Time)
      • and my Garmin shows and logs always local time; anywhere!!!


      At home in Germany (German winter time - now 7 hours ahead Malaysia times) I used the Map module of Lightroom to tack all the picture with the GPS information from my Garmin Oregon device . But the result was unusable. Completely fake GPS mapping. The time difference was about 8 hours!


      I cound’t fix this with the timezone selector in the Map Module.  After I switched my German computer on Malaysia time, GPS tacking worked fine!


      But this can’t be workflow.

      My understanding is, that I have to choose the correct "local time" by adjusting the timezone of my camera. Then I can match the GPS information with the picture.

      Am I wrong?


      Any ideas? Or a big bug in the map module?



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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant
          I cound’t fix this with the timezone selector in the Map Module. 

          GPS time zone issues can be confusing and hard to troubleshoot -- primarily because tracklogs record time zones but most cameras do not (and LR thus ignores any time zones that are present in photos).   Further, many people have found the Set Time Zone Offset command confusing. 


          The easiest way to figure out what's going on is to upload a sample tracklog and one pic to Dropbox or similar and post the link here.   Then I and others can tell you exactly what to do in LR. 

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            Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I run into this often and I simply select the time-zone offset in the map module and this always works just fine. I just pay attention to the time range of the selected images and the track that it tells you when moving the slider to make sure I move the slider the right way. Not sure why it doesn't work for you.