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    How to write live video to .flv file

      We have an application that sends a live stream to offices in different locations. We'd like to capture that stream at the receiving end and write it to an .flv file so those who couldn't make the live broadcast can see the video on demand.

      Can anyone point me to a link that describes how to capture a live audio/video stream with AIR and write it to a local file store on the receiving end? We want to store the files remotely rather than using a central file store. I've seen how to write text files but not .flv's.

      Thanks for any direction you can provide.

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          Damon Edwards Level 3

          There are two solutions here that I see, but one is probably more reasonable than the other.  Without the use of a streaming media server, you can't really record video/audio.  However, the FLV spec is open source and you can accomplish a "recording" by writing bitmap data bytes to a flv file (using the open source spec).  This won't capture the audio though, and you can't do that without a streaming server.  Also, if you're recording long videos, chances are the writing will either make your application unresponsive/crash it, or the saving time if you broke it down to manageble chuncks would take forever.


          The second option, probably what you want, is a streaming server.  Whether it be Red5, Wowza, FMS, etc, you'll be able to accomplish what you want, and it should be fairly easy.  All be it much more expensive.  For what you're describing though, recording live streams, it is probably the most likely approach.