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    When are we going to be able to view raw files as raw files?


      For quite a number of years I have used lightroom as my primary image management solution but I still find that with all the resources you have at Adobe, the updates just don't hit the mark as far as quality goes. I was most disappointed to discover the most immediate change to lightroom once I applied the update was to the import menu, which now feels clunky and awkward...why try and pretty up the facade when the back end, RAW conversion still needs work.

      With the advent of some new players on the market (RawDigger) being the one that comes to mind and its FastRawViewer, I'm nearly at the point of changing...I really don't want to as I have years of catalogued images with Lightroom and that process would be enough to send me into a spin.

      Surely, you fine people at Adobe can incorporate this and DELIVER?