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    Whats a scratch disk?

    A. O. Sofield

      Hello everyone and thanks in advance. Im new to Adobe premier cc and Video Editing. My question is...Whats a scratch disk and do I need one for my setup? I will not be shooting 10 Terabytes of 4K or anything like that. Just short films and personal stuff. ill be using some DSLR vids and Vids from my Hero Black. I have  an iMac 3.3 Ghz with 8 GB Ram AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048 MB. I know the first thing to do is increase the Ram. I also have a Seagate External HD 2 TB which I believe is USB 3. Can I use the Seagate as a scratch?  Were do I place my media? Do i place original media on my computer and set the seagate as my scratch? Or do I place everything on that seagate including media ( 1 folder for everything on the seagate ) ? Is the seagate not fast enough?..Im so confused.


      If not..whats a relatively inexpensive drive for a scratch disk? Does it connect usb3 or Thunderbolt? I ask because I hear any usb drive is bad and not fast enough....I'm rambling...


      Like I said- I won't be making a feature film or anything..Just trying to get my feet wet.Please help..