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    Asks me if I want to postpone Recovery - every time. Also color "policy"

    cambot Level 1

      Have a book I've been working on. For the last few weeks, every time I open a chapter it says "[chapter] missing. Do you want to postpone recovery?"


      I click yes and the chapter opens fine every time. I was sure that Packaging would solve the problem but it doesn't. Clearly the chapters are not missing and there is nothing obviously wrong with them — I've been working on them through several versions.


      How do I solve this?


      Question two: my understanding of color management is limited at best. Apparently, I turned on something in Bridge that wants to color manage everything. Now I also get notices every time I open a chapter that the color management "policy" doesn't match. If it did what I needed, I wouldn't mind but what I need is for all illustrations to be CMYK and there is no "policy" for that — only ones that either relate to the monitor (Apple Cinema RGB) or printing (American SWOP) so it's not useful anyway. How can I turn this off? I've looked in Bridge and Indesign and can't find a way to turn this off.