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    Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Muse; Differences and Benefits?

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      Hey all,


      May questions around this topic have been asked, but none seem to fully answer my question. I am relatively familiar HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Which program makes the most sense? Do they have different roles? I think Muse is probably not what I am looking for, but which program would be the most useful/the one I should put time into? I am also good with Illustrator and InDesign, will either of those be of any help?






      - Sorry if this has been answered, but I couldn't find an exact answer, feel free to link one if you do!

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          BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          • Adobe Dreamweaver is an application used by web designers and developers to create websites and applications for use across multiple targets. A working knowledge of HTML and CSS is a requirement with JS as a helpful option.
          • Adobe Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor. Fireworks is made for web designers for rapidly creating website prototypes and application interfaces. Fireworks cannot be used to create the actual web site.
          • Adobe Muse CC lets you design and publish fully responsive HTML5 websites without writing code. It’s perfect for designers who are looking to create free-form websites that work and look great on any browser, or any sized screen. The result can be converted to HTML for further modifications/additions. However, HTML sites cannot be converted to Muse format.