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    Digital Signature Format




      I am using Adobe Acrobat X. I am trying to setup a system for digital stamps and signatures for my company. My company produces engineering drawings. The drawings typically include several plan sheets in one PDF document, which require a digital signature, stamp and date on each sheet. Washington State Law requires the engineer to affix their digital signature, stamp and date to each sheet themselves. Because Adobe only allows you to "sign" the document once, I have been using the Annotation Stamp Tool to include an image of the signed stamp to each plan sheet which looks something like:


      Is there anyway to attach a automatic date to this image as well? Is this the correct way to be applying a digital signature, stamp and date to multiple sheets?


      Once the digital signatures and stamps have been applied to each sheet, the entire PDF document needs to be signed using the Adobe Signatures panel. I place this digital signature on the first page of the plan set. The best I can do looks something like this:


      Is there anyway to make the date text smaller and underneath the signature and stamp? What I would like is to have something that looks this on every sheet:


      How can I accomplish this?


      Thank you!



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          IsakTen Level 4

          1. If you make the height of the signature field rectangle larger than its width, Acrobat will place the date underneath the image in your custom appearance. Perhaps the height needs to be more than slightly larger than width for this to happen. You can experiment with this. I just tried and that's what I got when the height was approximately 1.5x of the width..

          2. I am not aware of a way to control the font size of the date (or any other text) in the signature appearance. Generally Acrobat splits the signature field in two parts, one for image or name and the other for signer info in horizontal or vertical direction based on the height/width ratio of the signature field. I think Acrobat calculates the font size automatically based on the size of the area where the text is placed.

          3. You can propagate your signature appearance to other pages using Acrobat JavaScript API (http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/acrobat/pdfs/js_api_reference.pdf). It is not trivial but doable. You'll need to learn JavaScript programming and Acrobat JavaScript API. You'll activate your JavaScript after signing, get the widget annotation that represents the signature appearance from the signature field, copy this annotation, change its page number and add the changed annotation to the document on a different page. You repeat this process for each page. After that your signature appearance appears at the same spot on each page.

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            scottgoodall Level 1

            Thank you,


            Do you know of any way to create a custom stamp which includes an image (the certified stamp) and a date? I see that some of the stock dynamic stamps do include the date in them. According to Washington State Law the certified stamp needs to include the date on it as well. Here was an example our reviewing agency sent us that was created using BlueBeam. Is there anyway to get close to this using Adobe Acrobat X?


            The act of signing the document will be done by the principals at our company. It will need to be fast and easy and any sort of JavaScript coding will be out of the question (we work at a civil engineering company).  Applying the stamp to each page individually is not a problem as our plan sets are generally not too thick. I would like to use Adobe Acrobat X if we can, but we can get BlueBeam if it's not going to work with Adobe.


            Any thoughts? Thanks.