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    Creative Cloud 15 (OS X 10.11) says Trial but is Paid


      I have two active subscriptions for Adobe Creative Cloud (2015). One is for the Photography package (PS/LR) and the other is for Illustrator.


      Recently my Creative Cloud application started showing the blue spinner. In trying to figure that out, my Photoshop and Illustrator installations reverted to "trial" versions for some reason.


      I've done just about everything I can find. I've deleted every Adobe folder I can find (in ~/Library/Application Support, /Applications, and /Library/Application Support) and so on. My /etc/hosts file is fine. I reinstalled Adobe Creative Cloud from the background. I've signed out and signed back in several times.


      If I download the application from the adobe.com site after logging in, it installs but then says "Buy Now" or "Start Trial." When I launch the app I get a dialog telling me to:

      Adobe Application Manager, required to verify your license, is missing or damaged.


      Please download a new copy of Adobe Application Manager from



      Nothing has worked yet. My account is in good standing and the applications are good through about April.


      What can I do to make these applications show properly as paid?