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    Ctrl/Cmd+Drag functionality on a Mac?

    slmille4 Level 1
      In Windows, and in non-Air Flex applications on a Mac, ctrl+drag (or cmd+drag on a Mac) works as expected - it fires off all the correct event listeners and makes it possible to add functionality where what is being dragged is copied. However, on an Air application on a Mac, neither ctrl+drag nor cmd+drag work. Ctrl+drag can often cause the NativeDragManager.isDragging flag to get stuck on true, and cmd+drag skips the NATIVE_DRAG_DROP event - I only get the NATIVE_DRAG_ENTER and NATIVE_DRAG_EXIT events, even though I make sure to call acceptDragDrop.
      Hopefully this will get fixed in future versions, but until then, what is the recommended workaround for getting a working Mac equivalent of Windows' ctrl+drag functionality?