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    Merged TOC Not Working

      I am using RH7, and recently the TOC of my merged project does not work in the master .chm. That is, its page links can be viewed, but clicking on them does not open the pages. On its own, it works fine.

      The merged .chm in question has a name with a space. Replacing the space with an underscore does not help. But removing the space and underscore allows it to work fine.

      The problem is that my company's automated build system makes it impossible for me to just rename the merged file - it requires some work from the programming team to rename and rebuild sections in their code for the automated documentation build. It may be my only solution, but it really shouldn't be because this had never been an issue in the past; I used to be able to have a merged .chm filename with a space and there was no problem.

      Any ideas as to the cause of this problem? Possbile solutions?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Underscores are an issue with merged CHMs but not in unmerged CHMs. Your only solution is to change the output file name. I know this will cause your developers some work but I am not aware of a workaround.
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            TWRob Level 1
            Thanks for the quick reply, even though I was hoping your answer would be different .

            The thing is, while it is not functional now, the last release used the exact same format, i.e. ABC API.chm, and there was no problem. Am I to understand that it is just unreliable to have a space or underscore in the name so that problems will show up inconsistently?

            Thanks again.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              It has been awhile since I hit this problem but I never got a merged CHM to work with an underscore in it. I can't remember whether spaces were also an issue but I just got into the habit of never having them.

              Perhaps there is someone out there that knows the reasons behind this behaviour?
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