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    Bug report, loss of user data [iOS]

    Orlin Georgiev Level 1

      Nasty bug with loss of user data: I had put the phone to sleep while in Acrobat. I then switched it back on, although it happened to be in portrait orientation, not the landscape in which it was last in (if that matters). Acrobat showed a message "A system error has occured" and then all my free-hand markings from the last 2-3 days where lost. Note: markings older than 2-3 days are preserved, but much more are lost than just my last reading session. iPhone 6S Plus with iOS 9.1 and Acrobat version from 13 Nov 2015. Acrobat update date looks suspiciously close to date after which I've lost everything

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          Pat Wibbeler Adobe Employee

          Hi Orlin, Thank you for reaching out to us. Did this happen only immediately after the update, or does it continue to happen when you add new comments since the update? This is an issue that we're hearing about and actively trying to track down (losing work is never ok!). We haven't been able to reproduce it in our own testing. Any additional information would be appreciated. Thank you, and my apologies for your lost work.

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            Orlin Georgiev Level 1

            Hi, Pat, thank you for your response.


            The crash has happened to me twice during that 13 Nov update, a week or two apart. I've been having an iPhone for a couple of weeks before that so I can't say if it was present before 13 Nov. I've been using Acrobat Reader for years on Android and it has never happened to me there.


            The first crash happened a couple of days after the update, so I thought it was related to it. The second crash happened out of the blue, without an update before that, so I'm starting to suspect it is not related. Both showed the same error message "A system error has occurred" and caused me to lose 3 and 1 days of work respectively. Older annotations were preserved. Both data losses amounted to work spanning several reading sessions (opening, reading, suspending). I haven't force-killed the app in the meantime.


            Both crashes happened right after unlocking the phone with the app being suspended in the background and opening right away (skipping the system dashboard). At least the first time (and maybe both), the phone orientation was different - the app was suspended while in landscape and was woken up in portrait.


            I use Reader in two ways: I mark text with the free-hand drawing tool (not the text-only marker) and also place text notes, with the free-hand drawing being 99% of my use, dozens of times per page. The book I'm reading is relatively long, about 800 pages, the file is about 80MB in size. I can send it to you if you like.


            Occasionally I back up the annotated file in Google Drive (since the crashes started I do it every day).


            Sometimes I notice an occasional pop-up message "Document saved" message in the app. Does this mean the file is not saved otherwise? I'm pretty sure the Android app saves the file after each marking is made, without even having to exit editing mode (tapping "Done"). If the file is simply saved more often the crashes won't be so disastrous.

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              Pat Wibbeler Adobe Employee

              Hi Orlin,

              On iOS, we save at points when the app enters the background or when you close the document. We believe that what is happening here is that one of the ink annotations is corrupted (due to a bug) which causes the save operation to effectively fail. We think this may happen rarely, though it would happen more often if you are using a lot of ink annotations (the free drawing tool). Lost work is never ok, so we're pouring all of our energy into tracking this down.


              Do you have a file that you could share with us that exhibited this problem? If you could share a file or two, it may confirm (or reject) our current working theory on the problem. If you can share one, please email it to me at pawibbel@adobe.com.


              In the interim, you can preserve your work by exiting the document periodically (going back to the file browser). I realize this is a hassle and a poor work around, but it's the best I can offer until we fix the problem.


              Thank you, and my sincere apologies for your lost time and energy.



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                MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee

                Hi Orlin,


                We just released Acrobat Reader for iOS version 15.3.0 on January 5, 2016.


                This release includes the fix for the defect that you have encountered.


                Would you please give it a try and let us know if it works for you?


                Thank you!

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                  Orlin Georgiev Level 1

                  I will! Thanks a lot for your effort!

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                    Pat Wibbeler Adobe Employee

                    Orlin, Thank YOU for all of your help on this.